FAM to take over M3, M4 Leagues

THE M3 and M4 Leagues will be managed by the FA of Malaysia (FAM) starting next season.

This was confirmed by FAM deputy president Datuk Yusoff Mahadi yesterday.

The M3 League (formerly known as the FAM Cup) and the M4 League (stage-level club competition) are currently under the Amateur Football League (AFL), a subsidiary of the Malaysian Football League (MFL).

Yusoff, who also heads AFL, said the matter was endorsed during a recent MFL board meeting.

“The reason is because MFL want to focus on the M-League (Super League, Premier League, FA Cup and Malaysia Cup). If everything goes as planned, both leagues will be handed to FAM while MFL will focus on professional competitions,” said Yusoff.

Yusoff added that the change will be discussed during FAM’s executive committee (exco) meeting.

“It will be discussed and I believe the FAM exco will approve it. FAM used to manage the FAM Cup, now known as M3 League, so I do not foresee a problem for the national body to run it again.

“The M3 League will be maintained as a semi-professional competition. Being semi-professional will help clubs to make a smooth transition when they are promoted to the Premier League,” Yusoff added.

The MFL office is also expected to move from Kota Damansara to Wisma FAM in Kelana Jaya in August.

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