How many Formula 1 teams have lost as a result of pilot accidents?

The August break in Formula 1 is the best moment for interim results, including damage from accidents, which this year are hitting harder than usual. From 2021, teams are allowed to spend no more than $ 145 million a year (minus the salaries of pilots, top managers and other expenses)-it is difficult for both giants on the verge of the limit, and the poor who are putting off for the revolutionary season – 2022.

Teams rarely publish data on the costs of restoring cars, but they maintain their own rating on reddit based on known information about the cost of parts. For example, the monocoque is estimated at 675 thousand dollars, the gearbox is half a million, and the brake discs are only ten thousand.

Important: the figures in the rating of the most destructive drivers of the “F-1” are approximate. When compiling it, the degree of the pilot’s guilt in the incident was not taken into account, and engine damage was also ignored (“due to a lack of information about the cost structure of power plants”).

Damage from accidents in the 2021 season, driver rating.
1. Max Verstappen (Red Bull) – $ 3.437 million
2. Mick Schumacher (Haas) – $ 3.073 million
3. Valtteri Bottas (Mercedes) – $ 3.021 million
4. Yuki Tsunoda (Alfa Tauri) – 2.106 million $
5. Charles Leclair (Ferrari) – $ 2.060 million
6. Lance Stroll – Aston Martin) – $ 1.628 million
7. Nicholas Latifi (Williams) – $ 1.275 million
8. George Russell (Williams) – $ 0.980 million
9. Nikita Mazepin (Haas) – $ 0.901 million
10. Kimi Raikkonen (Alfa Romeo) – $ 0.685 million
11. Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) – $ 0.662 million
12. Antonio Giovinazzi (Alfa Romeo) – 0.637 million $

At the Hungarian Grand Prix, Max Verstappen missed the lead in the championship, but increased the already huge expenses of Red Bull for repairs. However, 85 percent of the total amount of damage is accounted for by two colossal incidents in Baku and Silverstone: in the first case, the Dutchman was sent into the wall by a burst tire, and in the second – by Lewis Hamilton. Perhaps Max should have defended a little more calmly, but the judges put the responsibility on the Briton. And the accident at the Hungaroring is not Verstappen’s fault at all.

Max’s abuser-Mercedes driver Valtteri Bottas-earned 3 million, but 2 of them relate to the incident in Imola. In that collision, the Finn was already injured, into which George Russell from Williams flew.

And the main crasher of the first half of the season can be safely called Mick Schumacher: he crumbled parts for the same 3 million and leads by a huge margin in terms of accidents due to his own fault . Especially painful for “Haas” were the miscalculations in Monaco and Hungary – each of the episodes was estimated at more than a million. Another newcomer, Yuki Tsunoda, hits the cars a little more often, but more accurately: Alfa Tauri paid two million for his mistakes.

The most economical was the brilliant Fernando Alonso from Alpin, who only once allowed a collision (in Monaco, the front wing was damaged for 170 thousand). However, Lando Norris can be considered the cleanest racer: he did not make any effective mistakes at all. Before the Hungarian stage, he had 15 consecutive point finishes (a McLaren record) and zero dollars in damage, but both series were interrupted by the same Bottas – the collision on the first lap was definitely not the fault of the Briton who started well.

Damage from accidents in the 2021 season, team rating
1. Haas – $ 3.974 million
2. Red Bull – $ 3.772 million
3. Mercedes – $ 3.683 million
4. Ferrari – $ 2.592 million
5. Alfa Tauri – $ 2.463 million
6. Williams – $ 2.130 million
7. Aston Martin – $ 2.125 million
8. Alfa Romeo – $ 1.322 million
9. McLaren – $ 1.225 million
10. Alpin-0.540 million $

“Haas” began the summer break in the first place with the efforts of Schumacher. In comparison with the German, Nikita Mazepin added” only ” 900 thousand – 480 of them for the debut crash in Bahrain. In the future, Mazepin focused on harmless turns and hit the cars much less often than his partner. It is ironic that the American team is cutting spending more than the others and was the first to announce the transfer of resources for the next season-even before the first Grand Prix of 2021.

Red Bull and Mercedes are almost level, but the Austrians will face more serious consequences. If the champions have not yet had to write off the engines, then the second powerplants of Verstappen and Sergio Perez, apparently, completed the work ahead of time (their cost, we recall, was not taken into account when calculating). Moreover, premature engine replacements will also entail sports penalties in the form of losing positions at the start of one of the races.

Alpin became the leader in economy again: Alonso Esteban Ocon added only a few broken parts to the broken wing. As a result, the French forked out only 540 thousand dollars-half as much as their closest rivals from McLaren and Alfa Romeo. And in Hungary, Okon proved that he is not only a thrifty, but also a successful pilot: he miraculously skipped a massive blockage at the start and went for the first victory in his career.

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