McGregor's disease

UFC President Dana White confirmed that Irish fighter Conor McGregor really had problems with his ankle even before the fight with American Dustin Porrier at UFC 264.

According to the head of the organization, the former UFC champion has been suffering from chronic arthritis for the past two years. After the fight with Porje, McGregor said that he had a fracture even before the fight.

“He had problems with his ankle for the last two years, and he asked if he could bandage his ankles before this fight. Connor received permission for this from the Nevada State Athletic Commission. However, then he decided not to do it. Yes, he has chronic arthritis of the ankles, ” White is quoted as saying

On July 11, 33-year-old McGregor lost to 32-year-old Porye by technical knockout at UFC 264 after the first round-doctors did not release him in the second round due to a broken leg.

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