The network got a list of new icons from FIFA 22: Diego Milito, Casillas, Wayne Rooney and others

In FIFA 22, it is already traditional for the series, there will be a new set of icons for the Ultimate Team mode and it seems that a partial list of newcomers to the game in this status has got into the network. Read more about this in the material.

Every year, before the release of a new part of FIFA, fans around the world share ideas about what EA SPORTS can change, add or remove from the game. The appearance of new icon cards has already become standard for each of the next games in the series, but this year gamers are waiting for another pleasant surprise.

As every year, players are waiting for four versions of each icon: Baby, Mid, Prime and Prime Moments. However, some solid insiders claim that there will be new Hero cards for the series in FIFA 22.

Such cards will be dedicated to some players of the past, but unlike icons, they will be associated with a certain period of a player in a certain team. This is reminiscent of the precedent that occurred in FIFA 21 with a special card dedicated to David Beckham during his game at Real Madrid.

Among the” heroes ” who will appear in the upcoming game, insiders call the following players:

Jerzy Dudek in Liverpool

Joe Cole at Chelsea

Diego Milito in Inter

David Ginola in Newcastle

Mario Gomez in Bavaria

Abedi Pele in Marseille

Matthew Le Tissier in Southampton

Antonio Di Natale in Udinese

As for the usual icons, if you accumulate various rumors, their list looks just huge and has about 30 new names. Among the latest rumors that have arisen in the network, there were such football players:

Iker Casillas

Alberto Di Stefano

Luis Fabiano

Wayne Rooney


However, whether these “plums” are true, fans will not find out soon, because the release of FIFA 22 is expected only next October. The game will be available on the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch platforms.

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