Few more tweaks on custom built bikes for Azizul and Shah

National Sports Institute (NSI) will make a few more tweaks to the custom-built track bikes used by Azizulhasni Awang and Shah Firdaus Sahrom before they head to Tokyo in July for the Olympics.

“This Olympic bike development project is in its fourth year now after beginning in 2017. The intention is to build a bike which is tailored to each rider’s physiology,” said NSI chief executive officer Ahmad Faedzal

“Azizulhasni and Shah each have one bike, and they have been using it for some time now. But we feel there is some fine tuning that we still need to do (to the bikes) before they are finalised for the Olympics.

The bikes, made with a mix of titanium and carbon fibre, are said to be the lightest, stiffest and most aerodynamic in the world in its class when it was launched last year.

Priced at RM300,000 a piece, they were made available for sale to the public as well as national federations last year. NSI , who own the intellectual property rights to the bike, said they had hoped to create a more affordable version for the public in the future.

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