Nathan Bishop has penned a new Manchester United contract

The 21-year-old goalkeeper has signed a new deal until June 2023 with an option for a further year. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer also confirmed on Monday that Bishop, who signed from Southend United a year ago, will shortly head out on loan to further enhance his experience.

After meeting his manager, Nathan spoke to club media’s Stewart Gardner and shared his aims for the future…

How’s it been for you so far? It must have been a bit of a whirlwind when you started, but how do you feel now?
“It’s crazy! [Smiles] The feeling I had the first day I walked through the door hasn’t changed. Driving down the lane at the training ground and coming in the door – it’s the same feeling every day, I’m just delighted to be here. It’s the biggest club in the world and it’s unbelievable to be around the players here. It’s a year since I joined and it literally feels the same.”

The boss has said he thinks it’s a good idea for you to go out on loan to get some further experience – is that your hope?
“Yeah definitely. You learn your trade-in playing games, that’s the most exciting thing, playing games and preparing for them. I’m very excited to step out and hopefully be able to play for a team and put all the year’s work into that.”

You’ve already had some professional experience with your first club Southend United, but I guess when you are playing in games which truly matter to people’s lives then it really must help your development?
“Yes. We do this for a job and when you know there are things on the line for people you have to step things up and make it count. To just get three points and go home knowing you’ve done the job that you were there to do is a very exciting thing to hopefully go and do.

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