Messi tells Barcelona he's leaving: live updates and reactions

Leo Messi has sent a certified letter to Barcelona, communicating his intention to leave the club. The player intends to take advantage of a clause in his contact that allows him to unilaterally break the contract at the end of each season.

Messi believes he can still break his contract with Barcelona

Barcelona had understood that this clause expired at the end of each 31 May, meaning that the contract had automatically renewed for another year. However Messi’s lawyers argue that the season within the meaning of the clause did not finish on 31 May due to the coronavirus pandemic and that Messi therefore retains the option to terminate the contract.

Where the contract had automatically renewed Messi’s buy-out clause of €700 million would still be in effect through to 30 June 2021.

According to various sources, Messi’s decision is final and he will not play for Barcelona again.

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