Suspended PFA sneak back into M3 league

It is learnt that Perlis United, who played in the M3 League this year, now own PFA.

PFA are serving a two-year Fifa suspension for failing to settle salary arrears of players and coaches.

Earlier this year, Perlis United, previously known as Tambun Tulang Sports Community Club, were handed the green light by the Malaysian Football League (MFL) to play in the M3 League.

The FA of Malaysia (FAM) will now look into this as the national body will be managing the M3 and M4 Leagues from next year, taking over from the MFL.

“PFA are serving a two-year suspension, and they cannot participate in any football activities. It is unclear how Perlis United were given the nod to play in the M3 League.

“However, we will look into many things before the new season starts. We will filter everything,” said FAM special task force chairman Firdaus Mohamed yesterday.

Firdaus said the football association (FA) to football club (FC) conversion initiative will not create a loophole for errant clubs to return to the M-League.

M-League teams need to meet all requirements for the conversion by Sept 30 or risk demotion.

“There are two things here — one is club licensing and the other is the FA to FC conversion. Clubs who fail to earn a license will not be allowed to play in the M-League, even after completing the FA to FC conversion,” he added.

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