Motorcycling revs up for new norms

Teams competing in the Malaysia Cub Prix Championships are geared up for “new norms” as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The government has named motorsports as one of a handful allowed to operate behind closed doors under the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO).

However, race organisers must follow strict guidelines including social distancing and thorough sanitisation of venues, among others.

Petronas Sprinta Yamaha-CKJ Racing technical manager Syafari Saad said his team are ready to follow the standard operating procedure (SOP) as long as they can race.

“Our team do not have a problem with this and are awaiting the (new) SOP.

“To us, the most important aspect is discipline,” said Syafari, whose team are the defending champions in the CP115 and CP150 categories.

“I consider this the ‘new norm’ following the MCO. This may go on until next year, so all Malaysians will have to deal with it and that includes Cub Prix.

“We have to follow this (new) SOP so that Cub Prix (season) is not cancelled.”

Honda RCB Solar Alert Cilik team chief coordinator Razali Ahmad said racing under new rules to prevent Covid-19 is better than cancelling the season.

“Calling off the competition would not be the best solution because we have already spent a lot to prepare for the season.

“How do we explain that (cancelled season) to our sponsors?” said Razali.

The original season opener was supposed to be held in March in Johor but it was postponed.

It will now be held either in June or July.

Prior to the CMCO announcement, stakeholders had feared that the local motorsports industry, which employs over 3,000 people, would collapse if racing was not allowed post-MCO.

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