City boys face financial meltdown

Kuala Lumpur are facing financial issues as some of their sponsors can no longer honour their sponsorship pledges to the former Malaysia Cup champions.

This is because the Premier League club’s sponsors are also struggling to keep afloat as businesses have been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and the Movement Control Order (MCO).

“Our sponsors have been hit hard. They too have financial issues. It is tough as some sponsors have withdrawn their sponsorships. However, if things get better with their businesses, they will return to us.

“It all depends on whether the M-League will resume or not.

“If things do not fall into place, we will need to find solutions to meet our financial obligations,” said Kuala Lumpur FA (KLFA) secretary Nokman Mustaffa.

KLFA have been given an extension until today by the FA of Malaysia (FAM) to come up with a wage-cut structure for the team.

Nokman claims the extension is needed as the club have not reached a consensus with the players over wage cuts.

“We had asked for an extension from FAM, which was subsequently granted. We, however, have submitted our Economic Control Programme documents to the concerned parties.

“I think we have until Monday (today) to decide on wage cuts.

“We had sent out our wage-cut proposal to the players on Friday and are waiting for feedback.”

According to Nokman, KLFA hope the players will agree to pay cuts of between five and 20 per cent.

“It is now up to the players to decide and come up with feedback.”

Nokman stressed that the pay cuts will only be implemented during the Movement Control Order (MCO).

“However, if the M-League is declared void, another discussion will take place. We will likely redraft our pay-cut structure if this happens.

“We will adjust accordingly as we also need to think about our players’ welfare and livelihood.

“We will see how it goes as we do not want to make promises.”

The City Boys are undefeated with two wins and two draws in the Premier League, which was suspended on March 16.

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