Felda captain disputes pay amount

WE agreed to a pay cut, but not by so much.

That was the response from Felda United FC skipper, Jasazrin J amaluddin yesterday.

On Monday, Felda United management announced their coaching staff and players agreed to a salary reduction of up to 20 per cent during the MCO period.

However, Jasazrin disagreed with the amount, and the Fighters are up in arms over it.

The Felda players, according to Jasazrin, are willing to accept a pay cut of 10 per cent. They argued that they are already drawing low salaries.

“As captain, I have to speak on behalf of the players. Our salaries are already low.

“We are aware of the club’s situation and agree with the decision to reduce our wages but 20 per cent is just too high.

“Even at 10 per cent, it must be based on individual salary. For those earning more than RM10,000 a month, it’s okay to take a 10 per cent pay cut, but for those earning less, maybe five per cent is acceptable.

“With the league suspended, we understand the club’s situation, but the club must understand the players’ situation too,” he added.

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