Felda are sixth league team to cut salaries

FOLLOWING financial woes caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, Felda United FC (FUFC) will impose pay cuts on their team.

There will be a salary reduction of five to 20 per cent on FUFC staff, including coaches and players.

The pay cuts, agreed upon on April 14, will only be during the Movement Control Order (MCO) period.

FUFC are the sixth team in the M-League reported to be imposing pay cuts during the MCO.

The other teams are JDT, Kelantan, Melaka United, Penang, and Kedah.

FUFC head coach Nidzam Jamil said the decision is acceptable to everyone in the team.

“The club need to survive this situation and we understand that the team had settled the 2018 debts, and at the same time, been paying our 2019-2020 salaries.

“We need to help the club back, and protect everyone, the office staff, coaches and players.

“Not everyone is getting the same amount but I think we should be grateful despite the pay cuts.

“There are certain clubs who failed to pay salaries even before Covid-19 but still want to implement pay cuts,” said Nidzam.

FUFC secretary general Afizal Abu Othman said letters had been issued to coaching staff and players in the main team, President and Youth Cups, as well as the academy, to inform them of the pay cuts.

Afizal said they had reached a consensus with everyone after a discussion with Nidzam and team captain, Jasazrin Jamaludin.

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