It’s payback time against clubs instead of paycuts

It is payback time.

THE Professional Footballers Association of Malaysia (PFAM) have urged players not to accept pay cuts if certain conditions are not met by their M-League teams.

In a 34-point statement, PFAM again stated that players’ contracts must be honoured by their teams.

“Any negotiations surrounding pay cuts or salary deferments of players must fulfil two main conditions.

“Teams who owe their players money must settle them first before talking about pay cuts.

“And all negotiations and agreements in regard to pay cuts should be done individually with the players (case-by-case).

“This is because players do not earn the same salary.

“Pay cuts should not be executed across the board by using a standard rate.”

The FA of Malaysia (FAM) and the Malaysia Football League (MFL) have urged teams and players to hold discussions in a move to mitigate the economic impact caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The national bodies hope players will agree to pay cuts as teams are facing financial woes due to loss of gate collections and sponsorships.

PFAM also noted that they are willing to hold discussions with the FAM and MFL and come up with solutions by April 22.

PFAM, headed by PJ City striker Safee Sali, said they are saddened by the news that some teams had started slashing salaries last month without negotiating with their players first.

Therefore, they have urged the FAM and MFL to monitor and make sure decisions are made in good faith.

“PFAM do not want teams to use Covid-19 as an excuse for their existing problems.

“Some clubs are forcing players to take pay cuts because they are already struggling to settle salaries.

“Ironically, these troubled teams are among the most vocal about pay cuts.

“A lot of factors need to be considered.

“One has to consider what happens if a player, who earns little money and has not been paid for months, has take a pay cut.

“These players could end up losing their homes and cars.”

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