Norshahrul denies turning his back on agent

In a statement yesterday, Halim claimed: “Another agent had claimed that he was representing Norshahrul when we were about to seal the deal with BG Pathum.

“The Thai agent showed me the paperwork, which Norshahrul did not deny.

“And as a result, the club haven’t paid me the fees.

“My lawyer has advised me not to speak to Norshahrul as technically I am not his agent.”

Halim added that he is disappointed with the Terengganu-born for the entire issue.

“He had signed with the other agency first before signing up with me. When the other agent turned up during the signing ceremony, it became a huge issue.

“That agent has lodged a report with the FA of Thailand,” said Halim adding that he has a license to represent players.

He said: “I am registered in Singapore, but not in Malaysia. However, I have a partner, who has a license to operate in Thailand.”

Halim also represented national footballer Shahrel Fikri Fauzi when he signed with Thailand’s Nakhon Ratchasima in 2018.

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