Captain Regan getting restless at home

Selangor captain Taylor Regan is a man of action.

And the current Movement Control Order (MCO) is keeping him restless.

Luckily, he has his family to keep him company.

His wife, Jess and kids, Bodhi and Jax are keeping him busy with activities.

“Bodhi, who is three, is full of energy. Our living room has become a football field, and the TV is constantly on kids programmes.

“My wife is doing her exercise routines and keeps an eye on all social media posts regarding Covid-19.”

The Australia-born defender said: “Although I am following the at-home training programme provided by Selangor, it is tough to maintain my cardio level.

“We have been given training and nutrition programmes to follow.

“My teammates are also doing exercises at home. It is part of the routine to maintain our fitness.”

Regan hopes the efforts to combat Covid-19 will be fruitful.

“Football is nothing without fans. We want the country to beat Covid-19 as we hope to play football again in front of our supporters.

“For now, health is more important than anything else, so we will focus on keeping fit at home,” he added.

Selangor are seventh in the Super League with five points.

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