It’s a family business now for idle Selangor midfielder Gan

The movement control order can be tough if you are an outdoors person, so Selangor’s midfielder Brendan Gan (pic) is glad he has his family by his side to help him through it.

The Sydney-born Malaysian is happy to spend quality time with his wife Elyse Gan and son Koa Brooklyn Gan but admitted that the second wave of the Covid-19 outbreak did give him the chills.

On Tuesday, the Malaysian Football League (MFL) told teams to adhere to a guideline urging clubs not to hold friendlies or training during the order period.

“It is a crazy situation at the moment, and the Covid-19 spread should not be taken lightly at all. It can be scary when you read the news and also come across conflicting news,” said the 31-year-old Malaysian international.

“When you have a son, it is even scarier. For example, when I speak to players and they say they have the flu, you question whether that is Covid-19 or not.

“Putting those worries aside, I am happy to have my wife and son here. They make my life so much better. I get to see so much of Koa’s smile and giggle. Thankfully, they are here.

“My wife has been excellent in taking care of him, and now it is time for me to help her out since the league is on a break.”

The former Sydney FC midfielder said it felt odd not to be on the field, as the order reminded him of his injury days.

To cope with it, the Selangor fitness team have given each player a programme to adhere to, and he hopes to come back energised when the season resumes.

“It is crazy for me because I am so used to training every day, being active, getting the heart rate up. I only had this situation before when I went through my injury.

“There are days where you just stay at home, and things seem to move slower. You cannot drive or do anything. I wish I was still out there training, but the order is needed to get things under control in Malaysia.

“Exercising indoors is not as intense as outdoor workouts or training, but there are ways to get around it, in which we can make it intense for ourselves.

“Everyone’s health and safety is the priority now. Football means a lot to me and many people around the world. When sports stop, people tend to get a little agitated. But health matters now.”

Selangor are currently seventh in the league with five points after four games, but fans have shown their dissatisfaction over the team’s performance in the Super League.

However, Brendan said he understood their expectations but also assured them that the players wanted to move the club forward.

“We are building slowly, and there are some positive aspects of our game. I am the kind of person who always stays positive and takes the good things out of our matches and football. We are working hard, that I can assure everyone,” said Brendan, who is one of the standouts in the team, and has scored two goals in four games.

“This break gives us a chance to reset. We are the only ones who can make those positive changes. With the squad that we have, we can make it happen

“At the end of the day, fans are allowed their opinion. That is the beauty of football because you see fans are so passionate, and the emotions are part of the game.

“We know we can better. I just hope the fans out there, once football returns, they can get behind us, support us.”

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