Bali holiday reward for HockAdemy women

THE HockAdemy women’s team will soon head to Bali for a well deserved vacation.

Following their success in winning the Malaysia Women’s Hockey League ti tle and the silver in the Vivian May Soars Cup in their debut, HockAdemy club president Datuk Seri Megat D. Shahriman announced the Bali holiday reward yesterday.

“I had promised them a vacation to Bali if the women’s team fulfill their mission of a top-two finish in the league and a medal in the Vivian May Soars Cup.

“They made our club proud with their achievements, and so, we will send them on a vacation to Bali after we get a consensus on a right date from all the players,” said Megat.

The HockAdemy men finished sixth out of eight teams in their MHL debut.

The HockAdemy’s women, who were feted to lunch at a Thai restaurant in Bangsar, had an unexpected guest to motivate them.

Former International Trade and Industry Minister Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz, who was also having her lunch, was introduced to the players, and she shared her sporting experience with them.

“I was the president of the Selangor women’s football team in the 1970s, and I still keep active by playing squash five times a week.

“I am also a qualified diver and hit a hole-in-one (golf) recently. So at 77, I’m still active and my advice to you (the women’s team) is to become an all-rounder (play as many sports as possible) if you want to become a true international for the country,” she said.

Two HockAdemy men’s players will head for Australia soon on a twinning programme, and their names will be announced after the deal is inked, said Megat.

“I have many plans for KL hockey players as we are also looking to run a league, over and above the one we have right now, so that everybody can play hockey and nobody is left behind,” said Megat.

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