Silver’s as good as gold for red-hot Redha

MOHD Redha Rozlan (pic) missed out on an historic gold for Malaysia – but he was still grinning from ear to ear.

He had never expected to come that far in obstacle course race. The 31-year-old settled for three silver medals on a day that saw Philippines stamp their superiority by sweeping all four golds at stake in Alabang.

Redha, who also works in the IT industry by day, settled for his first silver in the men’s individual 100m with 10 obstacles, behind Filipino Kevin Pascua after losing both final heats.

Redha clocked 42.51 while the Filipino showed his prowess by blitzing the course in 30.99 in the first final heat.

Pascua sealed the gold by clocking 29.92 against Redha’s 34.01 in the second final heat.

“There was no shame in defeat as I lost to a world class competitor (Pascua), ” said the smiling Redha

“He was too strong and I think the crowd support was a factor also. He did a world class score and we just tried our best not to be too far behind.”

Obstacle race is a sport making its SEA Games debut where the competitors have to climb over walls, carry heavy objects, swim across ponds, crawl under barbed wire and jump through fire.

Redha, the 2014 Fear Factor Malaysia winner, took his two other silver medals in the mixed team assist 400m with 11 obstacles (with Mohd Saddam Pittli, Yip Hui Teng and Tan Jie Yi) and mixed team relay 400m with 12 obstacles (with Yoong Wei Theng, Drus Salfarina and Tan Jie Yi).

Obstacle race will end tomorrow with two more gold medals to be decided in the men’s and women’s 5km with 20 obstacles individual events.

Only four countries – Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Singapore – are taking part in obstacle course race.


Men 100m with 10 hurdles: 1. Kevin Pascua (Phi), 2. Redha Rozlan (Mas), 3. Mark Julius (Phi).

Women 100m with 10 hurdles: 1. Rochelle Suarez (Phi), 2. Milky Mae (Phi), 3. Mulyani Mudji (Ina).

Mixed team assist 400m with 12 obstacles: 1. Philippines (Kyle Redentor, Dela Serna Kaizen, Divina Monolito, Moncada Deanne Nicole), 2. Malaysia (Redha Rozlan, Mohd Saddam Pittli, Yip Hui Teng, Tan Jie Yi), 3. Indonesa (Buchari Adnan, Razi Pahrul, Mulyani Mudji, Putri Nadia).

Mixed team relay 400m with 12 obstacles: 1. Philippines (Diana Buhler, Jeffrey Reginio, Keilah Klymille, Nathaniel Sanchez), 2. Malaysia (Redha Rozlan, Yoong Wei Theng, Drus Salfarina, Tan Jie Yi), 3. Indonesia (Pulungan Patuan, Zalukhu Laskaman, Mulyani Mudji, Putri Nadia).

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