Tekkz wins first FUT Champions Cup of the FIFA 20 Global Series – and his first with Fnatic

UK FIFA pro player Donovan ‘Fnatic Tekkz’ Hunt bested fellow unbeaten competitor, Brazil’s Flavio ‘Fifilza’ Brito, 3-0 in the 2020 FUT Champions Cup Stage 1 grand final.

He took home the lion share of the event’s $200,000 purse and tops the global rankings after receiving 2,000 points, a significant step in qualifying for the FIFA 20 eWorld Cup.

It’s been a big week for the young brit who joined London-based esports organisation Fnatic a few days ago.

FUT Champions Cup Stage 1 was the first major competitive event of the FIFA 20 Global Series calendar and it took place in Bucharest last weekend.

Entering this weekend all eyes were on Tekkz following a disappointing performance in the FIFA 19 eWorld Cup. The question on everyone’s mind was could he bounce back and win the first event of the FIFA Global Series 2020, following victories such as this one Barcelona in early 2018 and the Cup in Bucharest last December.

Proceeding through the Swiss rounds undefeated and with a goal per game ratio of 2.10, Tekkz was the dominant force that proved unstoppable. He showed any doubters he will yet again be the competitor to beat this season.

When asked about how he was able to adapt to FIFA 20 and deal with the pressure of signing with a new team, Tekkz said: “I don’t care what people say anymore , I moved past the stage of caring … whatever people say feel free but (The Trophy) speak for itself.”

Other UK players that took part in the tournament included Hashtag Harry, Bundled Paps and FUTWIZ Lyricz.

Complete scores and standings are available here.

Tekkz and the best FIFA competitors from around the world will be returning for the FUT Champions Cup Stage II which will take place again in Bucharest between November 22nd and 24th.

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