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Super League teams: Let's stop the demotion

Ten Super League teams have proposed that the Malaysian Football League (MFL) put a stop to “demotion” for this season.

That means the last two teams in the top tier Super League don’t have to drop to the second tier Premier League.

The proponents, who have signed a letter calling for a “freeze in demotion”, argue that the relegation of teams from the Super League should not take place because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

This is because the season has been reduced by half, from 22 games to just 11 games, which is not a correct reflection or assessment of the teams’ strength.

Of the 12 teams in the top tier, 10 have stepped forward in support of “relegation exemption” for the bottom two teams this season.

It is learnt that the move is to have 14 teams play in the 2021 Super League, meaning the two promoted teams from Premier League join the 12 Super League teams.

It is learnt that Police FA, whose team are rooted at the bottom of the Super League, initiated the proposal with nine other teams supporting the move.

However, the Malaysia Football League (MFL) have yet to respond to the suggestion.

Police FA honorary secretary Assistant Commissioner Zulkefly Yahya admitted that the idea was his, and it was brought up during a stakeholders’ meeting before the M-League resumed in August.

“It was my idea but a couple of clubs agreed to it and they sent a letter of support.”

Felda United FC managing director Afizal Abu Othman, whose team are on the brink of relegation, said the presence of 14 teams next season could make the Super League more competitive.

“Our league will see the teams all commercialised (after the FA to FC conversion) next season. The more teams playing, it would be better for the league.”

FA of Selangor secretary general Dr. Johan Kamal Hamidon said: “Having 14 teams, from a sporting stand point, means more matches. It is also very dependent on which teams go up (from Premier League). If they have big fan base, then it’s always good,”

“With this, I think teams have a chance to defend their positions in the Super League better and the letter from us is a show of support for our colleagues.”

PJ City FC general secretary Ganesh Shanmugam said: “We did (write a support letter) because due to the pandemic, it wasn’t so competitive. And with the Premier League promotions, we would end up with 14 teams for next season. They deserve to go up.”

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